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Jeff Clowdus (voc/gtr), David Holm (voc/gtr), Ed Mann (bass/voc), Brad Swiniarski (drums), Stephen Wood (keys)
Dim As A Glimmer $10.00 (CD) Dim As A Glimmer
Townsmen II $10.00 (CD) Townsmen II
UGLY STICK David Holm (voc/gtr), Al Huckabee (gtr/voc), Ed Mann (bass/voc), Jeff Clowdus (drums/voc)
Are You Rosalie Smail? $5.00 (CD) Ugly Stick (Are You Rosalie Smail?)
Absinthe $5.00 (CD) Absinthe
BIGFOOT David Holm (voc/gtr), Jeff Clowdus (gtr/voc), Melanie Bleveans-Holm (bass/voc), Brad Swiniarski (drums/voc), Bill Clark (pedal steel/gtr/banjo), Jeff Wood (Rhodes)
Sleepwalk $5.00 (CD) Sleepwalk
Dark Old Days $5.00 (CD) Dark Old Days
Single $2.00 (CD) Single - a. Fucked in the Head, b. Too Drunk to Say
SKIN WHIG Jason Goode (voc), Patrick Murphy (gtr/voc), Vic Whitney (bass), Brad Swiniarski (drums/voc)
Born to Kiss Girls $5.00 (CD) Born to Kiss Girls

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